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"The InTune Mother Society supports childbearing families through pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting in a sustainable way, with focus on healing justice and human development from an eco-social justice framework." In this podcast, RaShaunda Lugrand discusses how to create a movement of support into community and the importance of accessibility and innovative consulting.

RaShaunda Lugrand is an artist, wife, mother and social entrepreneur. Now residing in Oklahoma, RaShaunda is a certified homebirth consultant and homeschool learning coach. She is a self published author of the children's book "The Karma of The Butterfly", Founder, along with husband Melvin Lugrand, of the InTune Mother Society, and also the innovative Beehive Birth Consulting Service.

How to network with RaShaunda Lugrand:


People, places and things mentioned on the podcast:

Patricia Loftman, CNM
Innate Traditions / Rachelle Garcia Seliga
Hakima Tafunzi Payne (formerly Sherry Payne)
Jennie Joseph / Common Sense Childbirth
Nicole Deggins / Sista Midwife Productions
Mama Sana Vibrant Woman

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Jessica Garcia-Lujan
Steph McCreary

A podcast about Celebrating 30 years of Beloved Community!
"Tewa Women United (TWU)
is a multicultural and multiracial organization that was founded and is led by Native women. The name “Tewa Women United” comes from the Tewa words wi don gi mu which can be translated as “we are one” in mind, heart, and in the spirit of love for all."

They have four main programs:
  • Environmental Health and Justice
  • V.O.I.C.E.S. - Valuing Our Integrity with Courage Empowerment and Support
  • Indigenous Women’s Health and Reproductive Justice - includes Yiya Vi Kagingdi Community Doula Project
  • Women’s Leadership and Economic Freedom - includes A’Gin Body Sovereignty and Healthy Sexuality Project"

Jessica Garcia-Lujan – Indigenous Women’s Health and Reproductive Justice Program Manager, has been working with Tewa Women United since 2010 as a community doula, childbirth educator, Certified Lactation Educator and in her current position since 2015. Her Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Health Studies is from Northern New Mexico College. Jessica is from the Pojoaque Valley, she is the mother of two boys, a community herbalist, and a passionate advocate for reproductive and birth justice.
Steph McCreary - is the current Yiya Vi Kagingdi Doula Project Coordinator at Tewa Women United. Steph's work at TWU has ranged from coordinating direct services for families in the six Tewa speaking Pueblos and Rio Arriba County; to training and mentoring doula students; to compiling a peer support guide for doulas and home visitors who may be providing care for substance using families in their communities.

How to network with TEWA Women United:
People, places and things mentioned on the podcast:
DONA International
NOVO Foundation
National Association to Advance Black Birth (previously called ICTC)
Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA)
Health Connect One - Birth Equity Leadership Academy (BELA)
Peggy O'Mara
Mothering Magazine
Amy Wright Glenn
National Health Law Program
"Advancing Birth Justice. Community Based Doula Models as a Standard of Care for Ending Racial Disparities"
Ancient Song Doula Services
Every Mother Counts
Village Birth International
Adrienne Maree Brown
"Pleasure Activism" - a book
"Emergent Strategy" - a book
Katsi Cook
Patrisia Gonzales
Nicolle Gonzales
Rhonda Grantham

The first cohort of graduates of our Yiya Vi Kagingdi Community Doula Training,
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Belin Marcus
This podcast is the story of how the community helped visionaries create a midwifery-led birthplace in rural New Mexico. Hear insightful and illuminating discussion around the process of the founding, the day to day work that is done at Breath of My Heart Birthplace, and how advocacy and policy work is done in collaboration with other New Mexico activists.

Belin Marcus is a midwife and founding community stakeholder of BMH. She is a member of Ohkay Owingeh pueblo and the first Pueblo midwife to receive licensure under the LM credential in NM. She trained with BMH from 2012-2017 and is a single mother and Sii’ya (grandma).

Jessica Frechette-Gutfreund  LM, CPM, IBCLC, MSM is a midwife and executive director of BMH. Jessica is a white, gender non-conforming midwife with 15 years of expertise in midwifery practice, policy and education.

How to network with Breath of My Heart Birthplace:

People, places and things mentioned on the podcast:
Tewa Women United
Jenny Joseph's Easy Access Care Clinic, Commonsense Childbirth
Young Women United 
Wise Women Gathering Place
Southerners on New Ground (SONG)

Jessica Frechette-Gutfreund
<![CDATA[entrevista con Gina Dacosta]]>Fri, 14 Jun 2019 03:26:09 GMThttp://goodbirthforall.com/podcast-notes/entrevista-con-gina-dacosta

Gina Dacosta, de Morovis, PR, asistió a la Universidad de PR. Trabajó como profesora de idiomas y profesora universitaria durante 6 años en Nueva York y Puerto Rico. En 2008, vivió la experiencia trascendental de un parto en casa, asistida por la partera tradicional más mayor de Puerto Rico (Rully Delgado). Como resultado de este evento, su curso cambió drásticamente y se formó como Partera Profesional Certificada. Actualmente, se dedica a ayudar a mujeres embarazadas de bajo riesgo y a asistir a partos en casa. Gina está constantemente involucrada en la comunidad de nacimiento humanizada; abogando por los derechos de las familias y en educar y apoyar para prevenir la violencia obstétrica. Es fundadora y líder del Capítulo Norte de ICAN, y ha publicado artículos en las revistas Midwifery Today y En Salud.

En 2014, fue elegida como la Joven Partera del Año (Premio 'Sapling') y fue la primera directora puertorriqueña en la organización del Registro Norteamericano de Matronas (NARM).

Gina Dacosta Rivera, partera y fundadora de Grow Pregnancy
and Parenting Center
, el primer centro de bienestar
perinatal en la isla, habla sobre la riqueza y
complejidad de ser una partera en Puerto Rico.

Como ponerse en contacto con Gina:
Gina's e-mail
Telefono:  (787) 217-0995
Personas, lugares, y cosas mencionades en el podcast:
Evidence Based Birth
March of Dimes

<![CDATA[interview with tina sherman]]>Fri, 10 May 2019 01:59:19 GMThttp://goodbirthforall.com/podcast-notes/interview-with-tina-sherman
Tina Sherman is the Campaign Director for the Breastfeeding and Paid leave Campaigns at MomsRising, an on-the-ground and online multicultural organization of more than a million members working to increase family economic security, end discrimination against women and mothers, and to build a nation where both businesses and families can thrive.

Tina has served as a United States Senate aide, has worked with several children's and women's advocacy organizations, and is on the board of her community farmer's market.

How to network with Tina:
@TinaShermanNC on Twitter

People, places and things mentioned on the podcast:
Family Leave Act
Black Mamas Matter Alliance
National Partnership for Women and Families
United States Breastfeeding Committee