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 "The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) supports, represents and works to strengthen professional associations of midwives throughout the world. There are currently 142 Members Associations, representing 123 countries across every continent. ICM is organized in six regions:
  • Africa (Anglophone and Francophone)
  • Americas (North America & Caribbean and South America)
  • Western Pacific
  • Eastern Mediterranean
  • South East Asia
  • Europe (Northern, Central and Southern)
Together these associations represent over 1 million midwives globally"

Franka Cadée is an expert on Midwifery and advisor on international maternal health, with over 30 years of strategy and policy developments, advocacy, leadership, project management and partnership. She is the current International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) President.
With her anthropological and midwifery background, Franka has lived and worked across a range of differently resourced countries and is well aware of the realities of midwifery practice in various cultural contexts. She is a strong proponent of humanized midwifery care and encourages midwives towards respectful care and a human rights based approach.

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People, places and things mentioned on the podcast:
2020 ICM Conference
Canada Twinning program
World Health Organization (WHO)
United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA)
Associations that belong to the ICM
WHO Cesarean section recommendations
Midwives' Voices, Midwives' Realities
The Lancet Series on Midwifery

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Motherboard Birth provides evidence-based information to birthing families, helps them make decisions and build a visual birth "plan," aka a "Motherboard," and helps them to communicate their wishes with their provider and birth team.  

This podcast explores the journey of creating tech for birthworkers and is full of tips and ideas for anyone interested in pursuing a tech solution for better birth options.

The US is a maternal health system in crisis:
- One out of three babies are born by cesarean (2-3x what the World Health Organization recommends)
- One out of three women describing their births as "traumatic"
- Maternal mortality rates are the worst of the developed world and are climbing

Amy's goal may seem audacious, but Motherboard's high tech/high touch platform is a timely tool as the US examines the complexity of maternal health.
and reviews proposals and recommends funding to the donor. The Transforming Birth Fund has awarded $6.5 million to support its vision, that all women have access to the level of maternity care they want and need, and maternity care systems support them in doing so.

Amy resides in Denver, CO with her husband Paul and six beautiful children.  She graduated with a BFA in Illustration in 2005 and has since applied herself to many different artistic venues.  No matter what her passions are, they frequently mix with her passion for visual art and she loves experimenting with new concepts, mediums, and ideas.

The Mandala Journey started as a way to meditate, process emotions, and prepare for the birth of her third daughter. Amy is a childbirth assistant (doula), artist, birth activist, mother of six, and founder/CEO of Motherboard Birth.

For over a decade, Amy has provided hands-on support to hundreds of families during the childbearing year. Amy saw a need for better education and better communication between parents and their care team. She is passionate about helping parents understand their options and make decisions based on the best available information, and reducing disparities in maternal health outcomes by building tools for parents, tools for providers, and a platform to connect the two.


How to network with Amy:

@FB Birth Educator Group

People, places and things mentioned on the podcast:

Penny Simpkin
Birthing from Within
Birth Becomes Her
the Lean Startup - book
the Birth Nurse - Mandy Irby
Denver Start up Week
Y Combinator
Nurse Family Partnership
Tech Stars
Elaine Baca, Dallas Birth Photographer
Child Abuse Council Quad Cities

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Led by Betsy McNamara of Full Circle Consulting, the Transforming Birth Fund focused on research and best practice dissemination, operational support and coalition building. It took risks, and was willing to get creative. “Birth is ever-present, and in the U.S., outcomes are getting worse and costs are getting higher and the midwifery model improves outcomes and lowers costs,” McNamara said.So the Transforming Birth Fund set out to, well, transform systems."

Betsy McNamara serves as Consultant to the Transforming Birth Fund, a donor advised fund of the New Hampshire charitable Foundation. Betsy's career has focused on fundraising for community-based nonprofits. She has raised tens of millions of dollars for organizations in education, human services, affordable housing, the arts, and land conservation. Betsy has worked with the Transforming Birth Fund since 2006. In her role as consultant, she serves as the content expert, solicits and reviews proposals and recommends funding to the donor. The Transforming Birth Fund has awarded $6.5 million to support its vision, that all women have access to the level of maternity care they want and need, and maternity care systems support them in doing so.

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People, places and things mentioned on the podcast:

Association of Fundraising Professionals
Robbie Davis-Floyd - Birth Models that Work
Waterbirth International
Our Bodies, Ourselves
Debra Pascali Bonaro - Orgasmic Birth
Business of Being Born
Coalition for Improving Maternity Services
Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery (FAM)
Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA)
MANA Division of Research (MANA DOR)
Shafia Monroe
International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC)
National Association to Advance Black Birth (NAABB)
Childbirth Connections
National Partnership for Women and Families
Paola Rojas - Mama Sana Vibrant Woman
Homebirth Summit
Saraswathi Vedam
Health Foundation for Western and Central New York
Eugene Declercq
Citizens for Midwifery
Holly Powell Kennedy
US Midwifery Education, Regulation and Association (US MERA)
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Michael C. Klein  Dr. Michael C. Klein received theOrder of Canada in 2017. His citation reads: "Refusing to serve as an officer in the US Army Medical Corps during the Vietnam War, he fled to Canada in 1967 with his wife Bonnie. He became a family practitioner, pediatrician, advocate, professor, and researcher at McGill and the University of British Columbia. Michael Klein has played a vital role in placing maternity care at the heart of family medicine. Motivated by concerns over the harmful effects of certain then widespread medical interventions, he pushed for the adoption of family-friendly birth practices, the re-introduction of midwifery, the promotion of doulas in birth and the elimination of routine intrusive interventions such as episiotomy. An influential mentor to many, his approaches are now widely adopted in maternity care."

Dr. Klein is a Family Physician, Pediatrician, Neonatologist, Maternity Care Researcher, Maternity, Primary Care and Organizational Consultant. In addition to the esteem of receiving the Order of Canada, Dr. Klein is recipient of numerous recognition, awards, and grants for his outstanding achievements. 

Dissident Doctor is the story of his life.

How to network with Dr. Klein:

@604-760-4270 (Canadian)
@Mail: British Columbia's Children's and Women's Hospital
Apt 210  1450 Pennyfarthing Drive
Vancouver BC V6J4X8

People, places and things mentioned on the podcasts:
"Red Scare"
Woody Guthrie
Pete Seeger
Healthcare in Canada
Alice's Restaurant

Howard Levy
Sheila Kitzinger
Marshall H. Klaus
John H. Kennell
Murray W. Enkin

Chalmers, Iain; Murray Enkin; Marc J.N.C. Keirse (1989). Effective Care in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Canadian Association of Midwives

Listing of Dr. Klein's Research and other scholarly works on his website

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The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death is an inspiring and nurturing professional organization dedicated to furthering the development and professional skill set of those called to hold space for mindful birthing, living, and dying.

Founded in 2015 by Amy Wright Glenn, the Institute was created to bring those drawn to the caring professions of birth and death work together with professionals dedicated to teaching mindfulness based living skills.

Amy Wright Glenn  Amy Wright Glenn earned her MA in Religion and Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She taught for eleven years in The Religion and Philosophy Department at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey earning the Dunbar Abston Jr. Chair for Teaching Excellence.

Amy is a Kripalu Yoga teacher, birth doula, hospital chaplain, Prenatal Yoga and  Wellness Teacher Trainer and a regular contributor to PhillyVoice wherein she writes on mindfulness, spirituality, parenting, ethics, birthing, and dying.
Amy is the founder of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death and the author of Birth, Breath, and Death: Meditations on Motherhood, Chaplaincy, and Life as a Doula and Holding Space: On Loving, Dying, and Letting Go.

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People, places and things mentioned on the podcast:

Henry Fersko-Wise - Co-Founder and ED of INELDA
International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA)
Debra Pascali Bonaro
NY Times article - "The Positive Death Movement Comes to Life"
Susan Silk - "Ring Theory"
Elizabeth Heineman, author of "Ghost Belly"
Iyanla Vanzant